About Our Rentals

Our Rental Department has an established reputation of integrity and offers experienced, professional and personal service to both landlords and prospective tenants.

Persons interested in applying for any of our listings will be expected to satisfy a full application procedure that will consist of the following:

  Fully completed and signed rental application.
  One month deposit to the Landlord that is fully refundable prior to signing a lease.
  A *non-refundable deposit of $50.00 towards the rental fee associated with the apartment.
  Satisfactory Credit Check.
  Verification of income. (Note: A Guarantor may be acceptable if income is insufficient.)
  Verification of past, and present landlord and employment references.

*Rental Fees can vary from listing to listing, depending on the agreed terms between our office and the respective property owner. Applicants shall be informed of any and all associated rental fees, which will only be paid in full upon the successful completion of the lease process and the execution of a lease agreement. If the listing is a non-fee listing, the applicant will receive a refund on the $50.00 fee deposit at the lease signing.