Heating Season Tips and Reminders

Here are some helpful tips and reminders that might insure you will enjoy a warm and comfortable home this winter. Not only might some of these pointers spare you from the incovenience associated with a "NO HEAT" service call, but it might also spare the landlord from paying for an avoidable expense.


Air Conditioners should be removed from windows or properly covered

During the winter months, not only does heat escape through the accordion extension panels on the A/C and the chassis, but cold air infiltrates your room and apartment the same way.

If you decide to leave your air conditioner in the window, follow the manufacturers's instruction for wintertime storage. If the manufacturer suggests covering the outside of the air conditioner, be sure not to trap any water in it, since mold could grow inside the unit.

After the air conditioner is dry, you can prevent rainwater from entering it by protectinve its' exterior with a fitted cover or plastic sheeting. Somer manufacturers recommend leaving the exterior uncovered so that moisture can evaporate with natural airflow.


Storm Windows should be in place and interior windows securely closed

There have numerous occasions when we have found the screens of the storm windows still in place and the interior windows to be open at the top and bottom.


Check and replace the battery in your programmable thermostat

The battery of the thermostat keeps your programming saved and prevents your heating and cooling control system from turning off when the power goes out. It is advisable to change the thermostat batteries once a year, or when the low battery indicator appears on the digital display.


Spaceheaters should not be used in place of the heating system

They should only be used as a temporary measure or in case of an emergency.


Factor recovery time into setting your thermostat

Recovery time is a measure opf the time taken for the house air temperature to return to its' original setting. The lower the temperature the house is allowed to reach, the longer the recovery time. Not only is this true for heat in the winter months, but it is also true for setting a central air conditioning in the summer months. Note: The recovery time from summer thermostat settings could take several hours on the hottest of days.


A heating system does not fix itself

If you wake up in the morning and find that it is not working, do not rely on someone else to notify us. Please call our office to arrange a repair during the work day, rather than a more costly and inconvenient service call in the evening or weekend.


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